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Chell Motor Company of Moorfield Road, Wolverhampton.
  • Chell were motorcycles produced from 1938 to 1939. Production only lasted for a few months. The company first announced a pair of lightweights with Villiers engines.
  • In April 1939, details of the Chell Lightweight appeared in the 'Motor Cycle and Cycle Trader' magazine. The machine, which sold for £25.10s., had a loop frame and was fitted with a 125c.c., or a 98c.c., two stroke Villiers engine, and had twin exhaust pipes, which terminated in tubular silencers.
  • There were pressed-steel front forks and a two gallon petrol tank. The machine had an 18watt electric light and was complete with air cleaner on the carburettor, a horn, number plates, central stand, licence holder, tyre inflator, a toolbox complete with tools, and Dunlop tyres. A Smith's lightweight speedometer could be fitted to the machine for an extra 35 shillings.
  • Both engines fitted into a loop frame with pressed steel forks. The brakes were four-inch drums and ignition and lights were provided by flywheel magneto. It had petroil lubrication and rear suspension was an option.
  • The onset of the second war brought production to a close.

Sources: Grace's Guide

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