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Allan Thomas

The Atomette was a British three wheeled cyclecar manufactured by Allan Thomas in Cleveland Street, Wolverhampton in 1922.

  • The car was powered by an air cooled 3.5 hp Villiers 2-stroke engine driving the single rear wheel through a three speed gearbox. The body had no pretence of having a radiator and seated two people side by side.
  • The car was advertised for sale at 90 guineas (£94.50) and could be ordered in a choice of blue, grey or green.

In 1922 he introduced a two-seater cyclecar which was powered by a 2.5h.p. Villiers two-stroke engine, mounted at the rear. Two wheels were at the front and one at the back. The machine had a top speed of 30mph and cost 90 guineas. Only a few were made over a period of about a year.

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