Werner Motorcycles

Werner Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
Built in France from 1897 - 1908 by the Russian brothers Werner who invented among other things the cradle frame still in use on the majority of the world's motorcycles. Early models had front wheel drive.

khulsey.com says, in part "The first Rudge motor cycles were French-built Werner motorcycles from Michel and Eugene Werner, that were re-branded with the Rudge name."

Henshaw says that Werner is a German marque, but this does seem erroneous. There is a manufacturer of large stationary engines by the name of Werner.

Werner History

December 1901 Paris Salon

§ 1. - Werner motorcycle.

...one can take the Werner 1902 motorcycle, the fifth model created by this company, the first of which dates back to 1897. The engine, a three-quarter horse, powered by a spray carburettor and equipped with electric ignition with accumulators and coil, is arranged vertically at the bottom of the frame, and the pedals have been moved back. The power is transmitted by a belt to a pulley mounted on the rear wheel. The motorcycle can achieve a speed of 10 to 50 kilometers per hour; it weighs 35 kg.

Denis Blaizot in Gloubik Science

§ 1. - Motocyclette Werner.

Comme type de la première catégorie, on peut prendre la motocyclette Werner 1902 (fig. 1), le cinquième modèle créé par cette maison, dont le premier remonte déjà à 1897. Le moteur, d’un cheval trois quarts, alimenté par un carburateur à pulvérisation et muni de l’allumage électrique avec accumulateurs et bobine, est disposé verticalement au bas du cadre, à la place du pédalier, qui a été reculé. Le mouvement est transmis par une courroie à une poulie montée sur la roue d’arrière. La motocyclette marche à une vitesse de 10 à 50 kilomètres à l’heure ; elle pèse 35 kg.

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