Ultima Motorcycles

Ultima Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1908-1958
Etablissements Eugène Billion
24 & 24bis rue du Commandant Faurax

This venerable French company built many different machines with Aubier-Dunne, JAP and Zurcher engines, mostly 250 and 350 singles and a 500cc sidevalve V-Twin. Postwar they built smaller twostrokes.

Ultima engines were employed in Cazenave motorcycles and others.

1928 Types

    1928 330cc Type A

    1928 330cc Type B

    1928 330cc Type B1

    1928 330cc Type B2

    1928 500cc Type C1

    1928 500cc Type C2-Luxe

    1928 Sidecar

1930-1944 Types

    1931-1936 B2X

    1931-1936 Type C2

    1931-1936 Type D1

    1931-1940 Type D2

    1931-1940 Type D3

    1931-1936 Type HB1/HB1U

    1931-1936 Type HB3/HB3U

    1932-1936 BMA 100cc 47x57mm

    1934-1937 Type B6X

    1934-1937 Type B4X SV 500cc 84x90mm

    1934-1937 Type B5X OHV 350cc 70x90mm

    1934-1940 D4

    1936 175S

    1936 C3

    1937 BMA 175cc 71x56mm 2T

    1937-1938 D1

    1937 HB1

    1937 HB2X

    1938 U3

    1938-1939 YB2X

    1938-1940 YB4X SV 500cc 84x90mm

    1938-1940 Type YB5X

    1938-1940 YB6X

    1939 V1

    1939-1940 Type V2

    1939 UB2S

    1939 Z1S

    1940 Z14

    1940 D1

    1940 Type 9B2X SV 350cc 70x90mm

    1940 UB2L

1944 on

    1944-1949 Type U

    1944-1949 BMA

    1944-1949 V4.2

    1944-1949 V5

    1944-1949 Type Z 2T 175cc 56x71mm

    1950-1952 V7 125cc 2T 52x57mm

    1951-1952 MK1

    1952 V6

    1953-1959 Type F200

    1954-1959 V8 Grand Luxe 1

    1954 MK2

    1953-1955 F125

    1955-1959 F125 Luxe

    1956-1959 F125 Sport

    1956-1959 Type F125 Standard

    1955-1959 MK2 Grand Luxe

Sources: JLB Creations, ultimalyon.jpcor.fr

Fri Jan 03 2014
1933 Moto Ultima HB3
Ultima HB3
J'ai un 1933 Moto Ultima 350 HB3 mais peux trouver trs peu ce sujet. Vous avez des renseignements qui pourraient tre utiles. Je sais qu'il a t construit Lyon mais je ne peux trouver aucune information de contact pour n'importe qui. Merci et j'ai hte de vous entendre.

I have a 1933 Moto Ultima 350 HB3 but can find out very little about it. Have you any information that might be of help. I know that it was built in Lyon but can find no contact information for anyone. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Ultima 1933 HB3-350cc.jpg

1933 Moto Ultima 350 HB3

Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005
subject: Is my bike an ultima
Email: redrock1369 at msndot com
message: I need to know if the bike that i own is an ultima

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