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Schuttoff Motorcycles

Schüttoff 1927 Modell F350
Photo by Hans Denzel

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Arthur Schüttoff of Chemnitz

The first model was produced in 1924, the Model A of 248cc with a 2-speed gearbox. This was followed by a further 17 variations, each one better than the last.

Released in 1926, the rather sporty two-speed Model F 350 was followed in 1927 with a 3-speed saddle tank version and soon became the firm's best selling machine.

In 1930, due to the harsh economic climate, Arthur Schüttoff decided to sell to DKW which already held a substantial stake in the firm and had been supplying engines.

DKW continued for a time with Schüttoff marque, releasing the only DKW fourstroke, the JS 500, and also Schuttoff versions of other models such as the RS 200, easilly differentiated from the DKW version by the maroon logo with gold lettering.

Sources: schuettoff-motorrad.de, et al.

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