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Schneeweiss Speedway Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Martin Schneeweiss, Motorcycle racer and designer
Vienna 3, Rasumovskygasse

Born in Vienna in 1907, Schneeweiss became a champion speeedway rider who produced a number of commendable competition machines, some of which used Husqvarna components. He also used JAP and Rudge 4-valve Python engines.

Career highlights

1928: Austrian national champion,

1929 and 1932 winner of the Austrian Tourist Trophy,

1937 Speedway European champion.

Martin Schneeweiss was fatally injured racing in Graz.

Motorcycles include:

  • Schneeweiss Special speedway 1937 250cc JAP engine
  • Schneeweiss Special speedway 1939 350cc Rudge
  • Schweisswerk Kraus 1947

Schneeweiss translates into English as "Snow White"

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