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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1957 until at least 1992

Based in Alte di Montecchio near Vicenza the company built lightweights in the 1950s using engines from DEMM, and by 1965 is very well established as one of top ten producers in Italy.

At some stage in the late fifties or early sixties they named the range of 50cc mopeds and motorcycles Giulietta.

Models of the 1960s included the Nevada, the Go series and the Oxford, all powered by Franco Morini 49cc engines. They also built a variety of motocarro three-wheelers, and two scooters, the SC62 (1961) and the FP10 (1967-1968)



Three-wheeled motorcycle-based light utility vehicle
Synonyms: motocarro, motofurgoncini, motofurgone, motofurgoni (plural), triporteur, trimoteur

In the United States the Peripoli was rebadged and sold as a J-Be by the Berliner Corporation, and in the UK a Minarelli-powered Peripolini moped of 1976 was sold as an AJW Greyhound.

Sources: MC Storico Conti, scooterdepoca.com, et al

Mid 2009
Hey thanks for your patience...okay I have had nothing but trouble picking up all these bikes and it has been because I work and tried to get some family to do it...argh!

So I have them scheduled to be here this week but I was out that way (bikes are about 50mi from me) went out and took a picture with my phone and found a missing piece to the puzzle. It is a 200cc 1960 Peripoli Buccaneer J-Be....the only info I find was a Peripoli ads on your site and a few 50cc 1971 on the net.

Appreciate your help,

Images are are in the gallery.

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