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A Brief History of SICRAF

Manufactured: 1949-1954
S.I.C.R.A.F (Societe Industrielle de Construction et de Recherches Automobiles de France)
Rue Sadi Carnot, Aubervilliers (Seine)

The firm produced commercial triporteurs, light motorcycles and two-stroke scooters using 125cc and 175cc engines from Aubier-Dunne and Ydral. The early scooters were very closely styled on the early Lambretta, but there was apparently no contract with the Italian firm.

Later scooters were of a different style with two-tone paint, and are rare collectors items.

A motorcycle with an Ydral 125cc two-stroke engine was advertised in 1952.

Sources: Club Ydral, motorbike-search-engine.co.uk

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