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Fri Jan 09 2009
sipauljkt at yahoo.com.sg
noxal sidecars
I am looking for a noxal that will be suitable for a 1929 Norton model 18. If possible, need detail pics with measurements. thx

Thu Jul 17 2008
sidcar at hotmail.co.uk
Noxal Airflow
Hi, I am trying to find out the manufacturer of the sidecar in the attached pictures. I have been told it might be a Noxal Airflow. Ca anyone confirm this?
Sid Car
Oxfordshire, England


Wed Nov 16 2005
rishelaverne at hotmail dot com
Noxal Sidecar
I saw a Noxal at at a swap meet here in Ohio about six years ago. I just dug out the photos of it from a dusty box in storage. A good friend has a Brough to which he'd be interested in attaching an English chair. If you have an interest in the photos I have, I will gladly e-mail them to you. You may use them however you like. Cheers! Richard Sheckler

I also have a couple of snaps of a VP aluminium sidecar. I think the 'Titanic II' was a 'Britannia Launch Saloon'. With some dimensions and a few accurate and detailed views of the undercarriage, I think I could build one. I'd use real teak wood decks on it.

The same seller also had this VP chair. Before these two, I had never seen or heard of either one. I don't know what became of them. It's possible a Brit collector bought them.

All the best!

Noxal Sidecar Titanic II.jpg
Noxal Sidecar

Mon May 23 2005
nwcanvas at olympus.net
Noxal Sidecar
I see that you had in your web site a Noxal sidecar catalog from 1937. Can you help me find a copy of this catalog?

January 23rd 2005

Noxal 1937 Motorcycle Sidecar Catalogue.jpg
Noxal 1937 Motorcycle Sidecar Catalogue

Item on Ebay. Vendor's Description:
Noxal 1937 Motorcycle Sidecar Catalogue
Original factory publication for Noxal sidecars for the coronation year of 1937. The catalogue makes much of the coronation - “the crowning achievement of sidecar design” and most models are given regal names :- Royal Windsor Saloon, Imperial Twin, Coronation model etc. 12 models are illustrated with specifications. 2 pages of chassis also given.

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