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Mercier Cyclemotors

A Brief History of the Marque
The Mercier factory was in St Etienne, France

During the mid 1950's the firm marketed various models of motorcycles, mopeds, mofas, and velomoteurs under Mercier brand and several others including the André Leducq, the Lapébie, the Antonin Magne and the Louison Bobet. These machines were all very similar, and were marketed under the names of famous riders of Mercier bicycles.

The smallest of them had an auxilliary engine and was driven directly to the rear tire (similar to the velosolex driving the front) and the mofa was also sold in Switzerland.

Models include:
M125 Ydral 125cc
Imerex 1952, 48cc Himo two-stroke

Mercier merged with Ravat, and was eventually acquired by a Dutch group and now builds bicycles in Adrezieux-Boutheon.

Bourdache has a listing for Mercier at 4 rue Jacques Coeur, Paris, who in 1899 built tricycles powered by De Dion-Bouton engines.


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