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D.S.H.-Motorrader 1926

DSH 1927 500cc JAP SV
Photo by Hans Denzel

A Brief History of the Marque


Made in Austria

Manufacturer: Trautmannsdorfer Fahrzeug GmbH

The firm was founded in 1922 by Franz Döller, Ignaz Seidl and Theodor Hauler and produced the first DSH in 1923 with a Geroth engine. By 1924 they were marketing models with engines from Villiers, JAP and MAG with capacities of 125cc to 750cc.
The onset of the financial crisis, presumably, brought disaster to the firm and production ceased. That same year Franz Döller attempt to resurrect the DSH marque and presented a new model, and was still in business in 1932.


DSH Villiers 175cc
DSH Sidevalve 500cc
DSH JAP 350cc

1925 Models: Typen 150, 175, 250 und 350 cm. They also advertised Humber motorcycles that year.

Fernruf: Gotzendorf 2

Sales Support:
Wien, V. Wiedner Hauptstr. 99

Sources: voz.com.at

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