Belgian Motorcycles

Daventry Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Made in Brussels by Jules Delmotte using Sachs, JLO, and Ydral engines.

Originally a bicycle manufacturer, they reportedly also built scooters.

Sources: Correspondence

Thu Jan 02 2014
daventry motorcycles
belgian sachs 98cc
Hallo someone asked info about daventry motorcycles: made in Brussels, owner Jules Delmotte,engines Sachs,Jlo,Ydral,also scooters originally bicycle cie, have one in the museum :www.oldtimermotorenmuseum.be
Bruges Belgium

Fri Dec 20 2013
Belgian rare motorcycle
Daventry 125-175 2-strokes 1951-55
I live in Daventry U.K. and would like any information about a Belgian motorcycle of this name! The Hesketh was made in Daventry for a while, and a bike called the Neall I believe in the 1920's. I can read some French - any help would be appreciated! Alan J.
Daventry U.K.

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